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/ tra­gic com­edy in devel­op­ment, Beleza Film

When a middle-aged teach­er who is dia­gnosed with a brain tumor wakes up after a boozy night, noth­ing seems to be the same: his class in school has dis­ap­peared, his flat is being ren­ov­ated and the news­pa­pers are from 1991. After meet­ing a psy­chi­at­rist he is faced with two pos­sib­il­it­ies: either suf­fer­ing from a psy­chos­is and the delu­sion of liv­ing in the future with a tumor in his head – or being part of the worst sci­ence-fic­tion story ever, in which the hero can­’t change any­thing about the big prob­lem that is going to affect his life.

Der Sieger in Dir/ the winner within

/ thrill­er, 60 minutes
// 2013 For­tune Cook­ie Filmpro­duc­tion & ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehspiel

Micha meets a home­less and recog­nizes his old bully from school, Niko. For over­com­ing his trauma he takes the help­less man to his home. But soon the past is catch­ing up with him. He begins feel­ing threatened by Niko and starts fight­ing back …

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