Love Errors

/ 11 minutes, Con­crete Film, 2015

Kat­rin and Alex are a couple. They love each other, but things get com­plic­ated when Alex finds out that his girl­friend has an extra­vag­ant passion. 


Freigänger/ walk free

/ 23 minutes, Ham­burg Media School, 2010

Mike is on pro­ba­tion and works half-heartedly in a res­taur­ant as a dish­washer. He hates his pedantic boss and has a love affair with his wife. Everything goes well until one night the betrayed sees through his young rival’s game. 

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Weiter laufen/ can’t stop running

/ 11 minutes, Ham­burg Media School, 2009

Marie is a man­age­ment con­sult­ant. Flex­ib­il­ity and effi­ciency dic­tate her life, weak­ness is some­thing she can­not afford. But one day she meets the easy­going Emilia and des­per­ately tries to break out of her world.

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Gefunden/ traced

/ 5 minutes, Ham­burg Media School, 2009

In a shady neigh­bor­hood a home­less fol­lows a young woman, who looks like his long-lost daugh­ter. But in the end he must real­ize that without talk­ing there can’t be a happy end.

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/ 12 minutes, 2008

As she tries to be a punk the cold war between Eliza­beth and her father finally gets hot.

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/ 30 minutes, FH Mainz, 2005

Dur­ing a soc­cer game Horst, an alco­holic in his fifties, is trapped in the sta­dium restroom together with some weird char­ac­ters. Play­ing a drink­ing game is the most reas­on­able thing that hap­pens within an hour full of strug­gling, des­per­a­tion and violence.


Der let­zte Soldat/ the last soldier

/ 13 minutes, FH Mainz, 2004

Exper­i­mental short about a wounded sol­dier reflect­ing the idea of war being a virus that could be dying with him.


Nachbarn/ neigh­bours

/ 5 minutes, FH Mainz, 2004

Air­planes and insects liv­ing next to each other and try­ing to find out, whose air­port is bigger.